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Quick Details


The Preston Castle Paranormal Team is hosting Paranormal 101 Night!

This event is for the beginner ghost hunter, the skeptic and the curious.

If you’re a beginner, an amateur ghost hunter, a skeptic or just interested in learning about the paranormal, this is for YOU.

During this event we will:

  • Share evidence gathered at Preston Castle;
  • Demonstrate the paranormal equipment that we use;
  • Teach the basics of investigating.

Following Paranormal 101 for Beginners you will have the chance to put what you learned to the test as you break off into small groups led by our Paranormal Team to do some investigating of Preston Castle.

Attendees may bring food and beverages (no alcohol) to consume during breaks in the Visitor Center. No food is allowed inside the Castle. The only liquid permitted inside the Castle is water.

Dress appropriately for the changing seasons and weather. For your safety, we suggest jeans or long pants, and no open toed shoes. Many rooms are in disrepair and the Castle is not cooled or heated.

You are welcome to bring your own cameras, audio recorders, temperature sensors, etc. at your own risk. By participating in an investigation, you agree to absolve Preston Castle Foundation and Preston Paranormal Members from any responsibility for any equipment that is damaged or stolen. We have NOT had any problems with broken or stolen equipment in the past. Access to electricity is limited in the castle.

Areas available for you to investigate include the grounds inside the fence and around the Castle, the Visitor Center, the garages, the Castle’s basement, 1st and 2nd floors. You will not have access to the cemetery, it is no longer on the property; or the upper floors of the Castle, as the conditions are too hazardous. Please leave everything as you found it. You are responsible for any damage to this majestic, but fragile, historic site.

There is NO SMOKING or Vaping anywhere in or on the Preston Castle site.

Guests must stay with their docents at all times, please do not wander off and please respect all instructions given during the investigation.

All guests must be age 18 or older. Docents may ask for verification if a guest appears to be under 18.